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No two groups are the same; their needs and expectations differ. Accordingly, the workshop needs to be catered to them...

I have trained thousands of executives, managers, and associates from organizations big and small across the world. These are my specialist subjects but please ask if there is a similar theme, you would like to implement. All workshops can be in English oder gerne auch auf deutsch!

I am a qualified strengths Mentor (Synk), am a trailblazer for and advocate of the mindset of focussing on and leveraging strengths instead of employing a weakness-oriented approach.  I help my seminar participants or keynote audiences to recognise their talents, leverage their strengths and create a powerful, positive culture for their colleagues and process partners to work in.

Since 2020, I have also trained many many groups online, am a qualified online trainer (Vitero) and am comfortable with synchronous and asynchronous training tools including Moodle, Zoom, MS Teams, Jitsi, Webex, Google Meet, Miro, Mural, Mentimeter, Ahaslides, and others.
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