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In my opinion, the most important facet to professional and managerial work is communication.



If you can't communicate effectively, you can't delegate.

If you can't communicate effectively, you can't lead.
If you can't communicate effectively, you can't sell.
If you can't communicate effectively, you can't solve conflicts.
If you can't communicate effectively, you can't work as part of a team...


I could go on all day. Communication is vitally important for the modern professional. Period.


In my workshops, I help professionals from all walks of life and across many different industries to chair and take part in productive meetings, give impactful presentations, build persuasive and convincing arguments, and structure and organise their thoughts to help them get to the point and develop effectual discourse for those myriad, professional sticky situations. 


I work with a wide selection of communication models ranging from right back to  Aristotlean rhetoric over Shannon & Weaver, through Schulz von Thun , Minto, Cialdini, etc .etc. and ALWAYS in practical settings.


I let my workshop participants experience communications hurdles for themselves and develop their own strategies using workshop games/simulations/role-plays and team-work problem-solving exercises.


I am well-versed facilitator in all the most impactful workshop games from MetalogNeuland, and others and use a variety of my own-developed tools, simulations, and games to create challenging communication settings for the participants to learn from.


Giving and receiving high-quality feedback and active listening are regular, key elements of my communication workshops, together with other practical comms frameworks such as talking stick, 6 hats from De Bono, Fishbowl , AI, World Café and many more.

Please drop me a line, to see if I can assist your team in improving their communication.



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