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Leadership isn't a collection of tools, it is a mindset; a way of life.


I challenge every leader and future-leader I work with to

  • learn the power of self-reflection and self-monitoring,

  • dentify and recognise their own values,

  • and to appreciate what their strengths are and how best to apply them, situationally, to any given leadership situation.


In my leadership programmes, I encourage my participants to develop their own leadership brand based on reflections from exercises, pair and plenary discussions, groupwork, input, simulations/roll-plays, workshop games.


As a management trainer, I am a strong believer in the efficacy of transformational leadership, situational leadership®, strengths-based leadership, intrinsic motivation,  positive psychology, transformational communication and, above all, self-reflection to help leaders to find their voice and their contribution.


My training style could be described as passionate, energetic, fun, and motivating. I coach my participants to step out of their comfort zone and to challenge themselves to deliver high performance, based on their own and their team's strengths.


In my workshops, I strive to create a fun, engaging atmosphere where everyone can learn and develop themselves to the best of their abilities. The exact content of no two workshops is the same. But one thing remains constant: I love what I do and I give everything, every day in my workshops to help my delegates to develop into impactful leaders.

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