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Teams are one of the most important frameworks in professional life and yet it is amazing how often their importance is underesitimated. We invest time and money on training to develop leaders (and rightly so) but, all too often, we just expect the team to follow their leader and to comply with organizational culture.


A harmonious, strengths-oriented team, imbued with trust can far over-achieve expectations, if its members have co-developed goals and, crucially, their own culture.


In my workshops, I focus on each individual member and help him/her to find his/her place and role within the team. I encourage  team members to develop ownership of the projects they are involved in and to co-create the team's identity. 


No two team workshops are the same and the content, location, and style all depend closely on the direct wishes of the team, the team leader and the human resources associates responsible for the team.


Your workshop can be delivered in English or German. It can be inside or outside. It can have a main focus on strengths, communication, conflict-management, productivity, or ice-breaking. It could be designed to bring a team closer together, to develop new team strategies and goals together, or to integrate new members.


I have delivered team workshops in seminar rooms across the world, on boats, outdoors (in the sun, wind, snow, and rain), in sports halls, in theatres, in football stadia, and once, even in a ski hut on top of a mountain!


My team workshops are packed with energy, challenges, games, and competition and I pride myself on delivering as much fun as possible to all workshop participants. Please drop me a line to discuss your team's needs.





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