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I recently presented 3 films for BMW to coincide with the launch of their iX3.

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Host of the top Covid-19 Podcast, "Dealing with Distance". Listen here.

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born: UK, 1977
Moderator / Presenter / Facilitator

Matt Beadle is a renowned presenter, host, facilitator, speaker and author and one of the only native English moderators working in mainland Europe today. He has worked for some of the world's largest companies (e.g. BMW, Lufthansa, RTL, Sky, Porsche, Bayer, Siemens, Mazda etc.) and has, presented films, TV shows, Web-TV, moderated events, delivered keynotes, and facilitated leadership programmes across all media, for tens of thousands of participants from over 40 nationalities in over 20 countries. His unique brand of British humour, professionalism, animation and flair mean that no two productions/events are the same and that those who watch his performances or take part in his events, leave inspired with motivation and drive to do things differently. 

Matt is the presenter of the latest worldwide video marketing campaign for BMW, was the host of the live, interactive internet sensation "Cash Show", has recorded numerous onscreen projects for TV, Web-TV, Film and Livestreams, and has hosted events large and small for many, many years. Matt is comfortable and experienced working with teleprompter/autocue, (live)in-ear communication, and multiple video monitors (e.g. live chats). 


Matt, born in the UK but resident in Germany since 2000. His mother tongue is British English and he also speaks and presents, fluently in German. In addition to live presenting work, Matt is the author of 3 books including his latest: "Leadership Insights" (2018). His next book "Strengths Oriented Leadership" will be released in 2020 together with the Business Expert Press publishing house. A serial entrepreneur and leader of many, diverse teams for nearly a decade and a half, Matt sold his last company in 2015. Since 2007, Matt has also facilitated thousands of executives and leaders across multiple industries and given impulse keynotes and speeches to audiences across the world.

Matt is a fully qualified facilitator (Kommunikationslotsen) with vast experience of moderating and facilitating events large and small and is a certified online virtual facilitator & trainer (Vitero).

Educated at the University of Greenwich (BSc) and Birmingham City University (MA); Matt lectures in team, communication and intercultural communication at a University in Germany. 


If you would like to book Matt as a keynote speaker or moderator for an event or engage his services to develop your managers or high-potentials, drop him a line for a free, non-binding chat. Alternatively check out ​a sample of videos of Matt facilitating and speaking here: clips

Neben englisch, spricht Matt Beadle auch fließend deutsch (mit etwas Akzent;-) und kann, selbstverständlich, auch gerne eure Events in deutsch abhalten. Fragt einfach nach.


The knowledge is in the system - sometimes you just need facilitation to help you 'get it out there'.


If you have an international event/workshop/strategy meeting/launch/kick-off or similar and you are looking for someone to guide your participants through their thought processes and facilitate new ideas/concepts/strategies, or help you present new products etc., then let's talk.


I have facilitated and moderated thousands of participants in myriad settings across Europe and Africa and have always tried to do combine the right balance of dynamism, focus, and structure with a touch of fun and positivity to lighten the mood. All workshops can be facilitated in English or German.


Qualified by the renowned Kommunikationslotsen, I am well-versed in all modern facilitation and moderation techniques including (but not limited to):

- the circle way,
- appreciative inquiry,
- world café,
- dynamic facilitation,
- open space...

In addition, I can live visualise your event for you (please see examples of my flipchart work here) or work together with a graphic recorder, while I facilitate.


I'll work intensively together with you from the very start of the planning phase, through the workshop to the event debrief.


They are your ideas - the knowledge is in the system - I'll be your guide...


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Native Speaker Moderator Presenter - Matt Beadle
Presenter / Moderator / Facilitator

Matt Beadle

Short Bio

I was born in West Sussex in the leafy south of England in 1977. I proudly attended school in uniform before attending University in London and Birmingham where I was awarded a Bachelors in Sports Science, and a Masters in Linguistics.


I am currently living in Germany. I emigrated there in 2000 to be with my incredible wife and we live happily in Werther, Westfalia (where the sweets come from), in our crooked, gorgeous old house, together with our 2 children.


After setting up and growing my own company, lecturing at several Universities and facilitating executives from all across Europe I organically entered the world of presenting and hosting as more and more requests came in from clients for me to MC their event, promote their product, shoot a video for their new marketing campaign etc. I have since been lucky enough to travel the world and stand in front of the camera for numerous film, TV and Web-TV projects and on stage for countless audiences for all sorts of productions and organisations. 


I also give keynotes on a range of subjects and draw my inspiration for my talks and events from my intercultural and business experience over the last 22 years, from my academic background in communication and sports psychology, and from real-world anecdotes from my workshop participants.


I take great pride in the quality of my work and insist that a detailed, transparent, and creative preparation & planning phase underpin all hosting and facilitation work. After the director calls 'action', though, it's all about the ability to improvise, entertain, and deliver impact. Oh and I have recently made a concerted effort to reduce my carbon footprint!


I've had the pleasure to work in


South Africa



Please drop me a line to discuss your plans, and how I can help

+49(0) 176 6417 2022

Haller Strasse 27
33824 Werther

Friends & Partners

Dogan Altindag, my glorious booking agent for TV, Film & Events

Great bi-lingual leadership and presentations expert.

Super experienced business coach and trainer.

BEP - The brilliant publishers of my books

Energetic and professional event photographer and videographer

Wonderfully creative and gifted graphic recorder & visual facilitator.

Amazing project manager, visualisation star and facilitator.

In my opinion, simply the best pens and workshop material out there.

Haller Strasse 27
33824 Werther

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+49(0) 176 6417 2022

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