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This book is about talent, strengths and positive psychology. Everyone is naturally talented in certain areas and if we get the opportunity to use our talents at work and develop them into strengths then we can work better, faster and far more productively. Bees search for pollen and they find it in the beautiful, successful, growing things around us: flowers. Flies search for rotting trash, bacteria and ugliness. Do you want to go through life like a fly or like a bee?

These pages present the overwhelming scientific evidence that strengths-based leadership and collaboration lead to more productivity, more innovation, better well-being at work, and lower absenteeism. Learning to recognise your talents, leverage them into strengths and, mitigate your weaknesses will change the way you and your colleagues work.



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Leading ones first team can be a daunting and sometimes overwhelming experience, requiring self-reflection, self-discipline, communication, and organizational skills as well as no small amount of guts and values.

This book provides young leaders or future high-potentials the guidance needed for how to deal with the challenges of leading teams in modern organizations. Understanding the power of strengths-based leadership using clear two-way communication and, in particular, identifying with one’s own leadership philosophy are central themes in this book. It highlights the typical mistakes made by first-time leaders and offers theoretical and practical advice to deal with the difficulties of management.





An effective help for everyone who works internationally: The Training International series presents important competencies in a compact and bilingual way. The German text is always on the left, with the same text in international Business English on the right. In this way, the reader can specifically acquire knowledge - even at short notice for specific requirements - and almost casually expand their language skills.

This book trains the reader to deal with all the potential challenges of presenting. It covers the subjects: building logic and structure, developing convincing rhetoric, provides tips and tricks for using slideshow software, helps the presenter create engaging media, answer audience questions and even deal with nerves. If you need to present for your job, you need this book.

Paperback (English/German)

Paperback (English/Polish)

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