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The knowledge is in the system - sometimes you just need facilitation to help you 'get it out there'.

If you have an international event/workshop/strategy meeting/launch/kick-off or similar and you are looking for someone to guide your participants through their thought processes and facilitate new ideas/concepts/strategies, or help you present new products etc., then let's talk.

I have facilitated and moderated thousands of participants in myriad settings across Europe and have always tried to do combine the right balance of dynamism, focus, and structure with a touch of fun and positivity to lighten the mood. All workshops can be facilitated in English or German.

Qualified by the renowned Kommunikationslotsen, I am well-versed in all modern facilitation and moderation techniques including (but not limited to):

- the circle way,
- appreciative inquiry,
- world café,
- dynamic facilitation,
- open space...

In addition, I can live visualise your event for you (please see examples of my flipchart work here) or work together with a graphic recorder, while I facilitate.

I'll work intensively together with you from the very start of the planning phase, through the workshop to the event debrief.


They are your ideas - the knowledge is in the system - I'll just be your guide...

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